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UK Landscape Photography Workshops

The idea has been on the back-burner for far too long, but the time to move the plan forward has come  with some wonderful news.  Three invitations have been presented for me to set up photography workshops locally and further afield.  Two will be operated locally in Leicestershire and Derbyshire and the other will be based in Spain in a full facility holistic and alternative therapy retreat.

The Leicestershire workshops will be run from a large yurt in a secluded mature woodland in the heart of Charnwood with planned location shoots in the Peak District.  Workshops in Derbyshire will be based at a privately owned country house, set in beautiful grounds with location shoots in the Peak District and further afield. 

Both locations in Derbyshire and Spain are also perfect for wedding and environmental portrait teaching, which are also planned .

I'm really excited by this and see it as the next stage of my journey.  The time is right, the base locations are fantastic and each will o…

Hasselblad 503CW: Carrying on.......

I wrote some time ago about the future of film-based photography for me and where I am going with my landscape, stock, personal and fine art work.  Having examined every angle, both from commercial and personal work viewpoints, the conclusion I have reached is that I will continue to use both.  Commercially, digital really is the only viable option, but it is going to mean a significant investment in a medium format digital back

Earlier this year, I replaced my previous Nikon D3s's with D4's and those cameras a perfect for my  social, wedding and commercial work.  I briefly got excited over the D800E with it's 36mp full frame sensor, but subsequently dismissed it as being too much of a compromise:  good though it is, it is not ideal for my social and commercial work and not in the same ballpark on image quality as medium format digital.

 The cheapest(!) and most obvious route is to add a digital back to my existing Hasselblad 503CW and Zeiss lenses with the bonus of being…