Inov8 Flyroc & Inov8 Terroc

A couple of parcels arrived this morning from Ultimate Outdoors.  They have pre-2012 Inov8 Flyroc and Inov8 Terroc on special offer so I treated myself to a pair of each because they are my favourite footwear on the hill.

No review is really needed here, both of these Inov8 running shoes have been around long enough and are well documented around the blogosphere.

Suffice to say I take UK 9.5 size and both pairs fitted perfectly straight out of the box, as always.  The only obvious difference on the foot is the slightly stiffer and slightly chunkier Flyroc compared to the Terroc.

Two great pairs of shoes at a good price from an excellent online shop. They both deserve a thumbs up for their respective top products and mail order service.

That's a piece of my dear old Nan's aspidistra in the background.  It was one of her wedding presents in 1918!


Martin Rye said…
Always liked the old Flyroc. But when I got a new pair I was not that impressed with the sole interaction on wet rock. Terroc are low cost right now and I am tempted to try a pair.
I think your comment about the sole on wet rock applies to both the Terroc and Flyroc, Martin. Neither are as good as Merrill's Vibram soles in my experience, but I balance this against the lightweight comfort and quick drying Inov8's. As ever, there are compromises with gear selection.
David Albon said…
I've been a Terroc 330 man fr a few years now. Recently got a pair of Roclite 295s. They have Inov-8's sticky rubber sole so will be interesting to see how they compare to Terrocs on wet rock!
Colin Griffiths said…
I just had to put my Terrocs in the bin as the fabric had a big hole in it where it bends just behind my little toe. Shame really because there was lots of life left in the soles. I've worn them nearly every Sunday morning for an hours run at Bradgate Park for around 2 years and never really looked after them. I would have had another pair, but I bought a pair of Salomon Crossmax 2s in Keswick over Xmas and found that I much prefer them for fit and grip. I've always fancied a pair of those Inovs with the studs in the soles though.