CCS Camera Cases

CCS (Camera Care Systems) were a UK company who probably made the most useful and practical range of camera and lens cases in the history of photography.  It was a sad day when they ceased manufacturing some years ago.  I've owned and still use several of their products, most of which must now be over 30 years old and are all still as good as the day I bought them.  The range of CCS camera cases and bags went by odd names: Warthog, Elephant's Trunk, Kobrahead....etc and started a trend that was picked up later by the likes of Crumpler, whose product names are even more eccentric.

I have been looking for a practical means of carrying my compact three-lens Leica travel kit.  As I have a vehement dislike of camera bags that are really recycled fly-fishing equipment, better suited to the green welly brigade and unfortunately associated with Leica cameras,  I was pleased to discover that  RK Photographic still have a limited stock of compact camera cases that are perfect for carrying small lenses.

One of my original CCS compact cases will take my Leica MP with the collapsed Elmar-M 50mm f2.8 and the two new cases I have just added to the CCS belt called are Compact 122, each of which comfortably take my Summicron 35mm f2 asph and Elmarit-M 90mm f2.8.  The belt is an original CCS belt which I bought sometime in the early-mid 80's.  It all makes for a comfortable carry and these remaining stocks of 122 cases are ideal for current small digital cameras such as the Ricoh GR.

RK Photographic bought up all remaining stocks of CCS cases long ago and have been steadily selling them off via their shop outlet, Amazon and Ebay.  If you have a camera or lens that will fit into one of the few CCS cases that are still available, then get one now before they are gone forever.