Widepan 6x12cm Roll Film Holder on Cambo Wide 470

Since my earlier post and description of my new Widepan 6x12 rfh, it is time I posted an update.   Having used it extensively during the past 8 months, it has proven to be very reliable.  All parts still function as they should, nothing has fallen off or broken and the frame spacing remains consistent after several dozen rolls of film.  It has proven to be comparable in construction and materials and at least as reliable as a Horseman 6x12 rfh at a cheaper cost.   Overall, I'm pleased with it and feel comfortable in recommending it as an alternative to a used Horseman rfh.  Although Widepan seem to have ceased manufacturing some time ago, I purchased mine new and unused from Ebay, so there may still be a few available.

I'm also really enjoying the combination of the Super Angulon 47xl lens on the Cambo Wide and Ilford Delta 100 film on the 6x12cm format.  The image of Tryfan below, taken at the time of my earlier description of the Widepan back in January, has been printed to 36x18" and I'm satisfied with the result.

Please read my full review of the Cambo Wide 470 with the Widepan 6x12 roll film back here.