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Callanish Supermoon

Our Wild Light Outer Hebrides 2016 Photography Workshop with Steve Walton is rapidly approaching once again.  Thoughts return to my September 2014 workshop and the amazing time we had!  The 8 of us on my workshop, that's my 7 hilarious lady guests and myself,  barely stopped laughing throughout!  We had a great time and we were blessed with settled, warm weather for the entire tour.  All except for the day of departure, that is, when a fog bank rolled in off the Atlantic Ocean and effectively closed the Islands off to travel.

I managed to see the ladies off to their various destinations before Stornoway Airport was closed. Ironically, my plane had been circling the airport for almost 45 minutes, unable to land due to the fog and had to return to Glasgow.   The fog became very dense shortly after the ladies had left, but at least they managed to leave on time.  The only one left at Stornoway, apart from myself was Mariah, whose flight to Glasgow for her connection to Heathrow was n…