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Fujifilm X100F Street Photography

Fujifilm X100F Street Photography

The Fujifilm X100F is an almost perfect camera for street photography.  This is my second of Fujifilm's X100 series of aps-c mirrorless rangefinder style cameras and is one of my favourite of all digital cameras I have ever used.   I have owned and used many dslrs since the days when the  Nikon F80-based Fuji Finepix S1 Pro changed the world of professional social photography back in 2001.

For me, the purchase of a new digital camera is primarily a commercial decision, based on my needs to earn my living and I view them as the tools of my trade.  Very seldom do I invest any kind of emotional attachment to a digital camera, unlike the Fuji, Hasselblad, Leica and Nikon medium format and 35mm film cameras I still use for my personal projects.  In my professional life, a digital camera has to be a reliable and functional necessity and I usually give little thought to the camera as an object of wanting over needing on my part.

Discreet & Silent

The …

Photographic Journeys With Professional Landscape and Travel Photographer Steve Walton

Photographic Journeys in the Faroe Islands with Steve Walton
Our 2019 Wild Light Photography Workshops in the Faroe Islands will take place from 22nd-26th February.  For the past five years I have held my Faroe Islands photographic journeys during either April or May and in 2019 we will be taking advantage of the dramatic light and winter weather conditions of the Faroe Islands during February for a true North Atlantic winter landscape photography experience!

The 2019 itinerary will follow the same format as my previous Wild Light Photography Workshops in the Faroe Islands.  We will be based at the very comfortable Hotel Foroyar in Torshavn, single occupancy accommodation for four nights with breakfasts is included in the cost.  Full details are on the website, groups are limited to four places only and bookings are being taken now. Please contact me for full details and booking information.

Changing weather and light
The Faroe Islands are unique.  Changeable weather patterns and light…